Walter Ware III

Walter Ware III was born in Bad Kreuznach, West Germany in 1970, but grew up in the farming town of Fountain in Southern Colorado. Small town Colorado offered Walter opportunities to learn the craft and trades of welding and forging. He developed a love of western history, old world myths, German folktales and Archaeology. As a youth he spent much of his time playing on the vast prairie, exploring old cemeteries and farm houses. He gained an affinity for iconic images, landscapes and relics of the past. Attempting to reproduce relics and crafting landscapes from three dimensional vignettes led him on a path to becoming a sculptor.

Ware currently lives in Denver, CO with his wife and five children where he is working on a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture and a bachelor’s in archaeometallurgy at the University of Colorado Denver. Ware spent several years as a Special Forces soldier in the Colorado Army National Guard. His work in the military took him all over the world and gave him an appreciation for different cultures. These experiences can be seen in his artistic expression. Ware’s most loved material is metal. His sculptures are often made of iron, bronze and steel combined with wood, bone, or stone. Walter’s current thesis work deals with rendering culturally significant imagery in the form of highly crafted objects.

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