Jonathan Barrett

The year was 1984; In Des Plaines, Illinois Jonathan Barrett was born. Throughout his childhood, creativity was engrained into his psyche. Anything that had to deal with the arts, from drawing to theater to writing was encouraged. Without having ever taken an art class until college, this allowed Jonathan Barrett a way to find his own style of drawing without any outside source. Painting didn’t come into the picture until Mr. Barrett joined the U.S. Navy; he turned out to be the only enlisted service member who happened to be creative. He also showed an aptitude for scheduling instruction topics..

After his military contract had ended, Mr. Barrett finally decided to go to the University of Colorado Denver to be an elementary school art teacher. He proved a competence for not just drawing and painting, but for sculpture as well. He has shown some of his work at 841 Gallery as well as RedLine for the thesis exhibition. He plans to continue college for his teaching certificate.

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