Daniel Orr

Daniel Orr has been pursuing photography from as many angles as the medium allows since early childhood. Beginning as a child at Disneyland, Orr has had a visceral relationship with photographic communication. Pursuing photojournalism after relocating to Denver, Orr then progressed to documentary photography as a college dropout in Canada, Alaska and Europe before returning to Denver to pursue commercial and fine art photography at the University of Colorado. His work has been exhibited on the national and international level in both galleries and print publications across the U.S. and Europe.

Working in a traditionally improper photographic manner, Orr creates contrived realities with degraded portraiture that serves as an assault on both self-constructed identity, as well as on the process of photography itself. Working in a time-honored photographic process, Orrʼs body of work titled Ersatz is an appraisal on our increasingly ubiquitous digital culture and functions as exegesis of manufactured digital selfhood by effectively destroying it.

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