Josh Garza

Josh Garza was born in 1991 to a single parent who instilled great aspirations within him. All of his life he has been a Colorado native, but even more important, a proud Native American. Throughout high school he was involved in community based extracurricular activities, from sports to creating a band. He started his college career in 2009 with an open mind to experience college life. Josh began taking a wide range of classes from anthropology, psychology, and architecture. It wasn’t until a fellow colleague recommended a 3D design class that his college career had begun. Once the strain of sculpture infected him there was no stopping it; he had to purse a bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture. His early works were based on a primal fascination with materials such as wood, metal, and cast objects. These objects were based on a process of working with tools and machines; this influence spawned his new interested in showing the process as an art piece. Many of these pieces are of items that are used to create an art object but are forgotten about throughout the process. Josh Garza will graduate with a BFA in sculpture, a program based on the hand building process in May 2015.

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