Byung-Jun Choe

Byung-Jun Choe emigrated from Seoul Korea with his mother to the United States at the age of three. His formative years were split between nights listening to the stories of the drug addicts, prostitutes, and geriatric cowboys that lived and worked in the north Denver motel his parents owned. His days were spent at a parochial school in the bucolic suburbs of Jefferson County, Colorado.

Shortly after entering high school Byung-Jun was exposed to the work of Richard Serra, Federico Fellini, and the American Punk Rock band Jawbreaker. He has always been grateful for those experiences. They offered him a venue in which to explore the vague absence he has perpetually felt in his life.

Byung-Jun is currently a BFA candidate with an emphasis in transmedia at the University of Colorado Denver. Byung-Jun’s installation and video work can best be described as the digital and physical manifestations of a cryptic personal narrative. His present work is an investigation of signification within the context of American culture at the beginning of the third millennium. At present his interests are engaged in the exploration of narrative via alternative symbolism.