Catherine Charleston

Catherine Charleston was born and raised in Colorado. She studied painting and drawing at the University of Colorado Denver. Living in Colorado influenced a sense of adventure in the artist as the result of taking huge risks such as hiking a 14,000 foot mountain or participating in a triathlon. As a child, she was always fascinated with the artistic aesthetic of fashion and came to realize that fashion was more than just clothing it was an expression of art. She discovered that she could find the same type of freedom of expression through painting and drawing.

For Catherine, the freedom of expression is the most important aspect of her art. It dictates what materials she uses such as gouache, watercolor, oil, pen, and mylar. These media work together to allow the artist flexibility with the piece she is creating and can be manipulated to create a unique effect. She has shown her work in multiple group exhibitions and was accepted into several juried CU Denver student art shows at the Emmanuel Gallery and the Partnership Gallery. She has held internships at Nordstrom and Foothills Art Center.

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