Jose Fuentes

Jose Fuentes was born in Orange City, California and in 2009 began his formal studies at the University of Colorado at Denver. His work has been shown at the CU Denver Career Center Gallery. In 2014, he participated along with several other artists from CU Denver for the Denver Chalk Art Festival. Jose has also been a member of the UCD Painter’s Guild since 2013 and is currently president.

The artist’s work combines his love for figuration, narrative, humor and observation and applies it onto large-scale paintings that are primarily on paper. He uses acrylic, ink, pencil and watercolor in these works. His interest in comic book narrative combined with how Mesoamerican codices used narrative influences his approach to the pieces. His work is often filled with observations of people, overheard statements, quotes, music lyrics, and literature excerpts and combines them with an art historical fusion of old Mesoamerican art aesthetics with contemporary pop culture. The pieces deal with the Spanish appropriation of Mesoamerican resources and the insertion of their beliefs and ideals. The artist’s current work is interpreting this hybrid Catholicism that exists today. This current work will be shown in May 2015 at Redline in Denver.

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