Sara Lornitzo

Sara Lornitzo has been making art as long as she can remember. Rural Vermont where she was born and grew up – sometimes in a house, sometimes in the woods – inspired her love of organic form and slightly feral nature. At 16, Sara dropped out of high school and studied film animation under David Ehrlich at Dartmouth College instead. In 2009, she returned to college at the University of Colorado Denver with the intent to study neuroscience – because it is fascinating. After her first iron casting experience she changed her mind. Sara studied Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain and made art in Ireland during her time in college. Her art is as eclectic as her interests and she works in as many mediums as she can, usually finding her concepts after she gets sick of looking for them.

Sara is a Gilman Scholar as well as taking part in the ArtsBridge Scholarship program in Denver on three different occasions. Her sculpture, installations and photography have been shown in galleries in and around Denver, as well as in Ireland at the Burren College of Art. Sara will be graduating the University of Colorado Denver with a BFA in Sculpture and a minor in Psychology.

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